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IP Residency Call: Historical Works in Educational Contexts

application deadline

Historical Works in Educational Contexts

Application deadline: July 3, 2022

IP—The Institute of the Present (Bucharest) launches a residency call aimed at researching and rediscussing artworks created in the late 1980s and the early 1990s in Romania, the countries of ex-Yugoslavia and Hungary, together with their contexts, the (temporary) artistic collectives or solitary initiatives conceived as solutions for new gestures, sometimes utopic at their time.

The call is open to artists from any European country working in visual arts, performance, theatre, dance, or music, who can investigate the proposed artwork through individual research and through a working period in Timișoara, Romania, in October 2022, including an educational workshop targeting participants according to the age-range the artists choose for the project (middle-school, high school or university students, elders etc.). The aim is that the respective artwork is experienced in various forms by different groups of people. A potential outcome of the residency programme is that its process and results are further developed in connection with the “Performing 89” exhibition to be organised in 2023 in the frame of the “Uncensored Act” project undertaken by the Institute of the Present as part of the Timișoara 2023—European Capital of Culture official programme.

“Performing 89” is an exhibition dedicated to artistic movements at the 1989 historical crossroads in the countries of Romania, Hungary and ex-Yugoslavia, aiming to discuss the public engagement of the artist in the turn of 1990s from a comparative perspective; it centres on the gaze towards the public sphere while analysing practices and ways of signification of artistic gestures as proposals to assemble of critical/political/analytical messages in regards to the way in which reality was shaped by the imprint of real socialism and reconfigured in the transition period towards conscious capitalism. “Performing 89” also reflects on the various strategies of (self-)historicisation, of analysis of the lived present and on evoking the way in which the artist imagined the world and symbolically proposed him/herself to correct it or to make it heard.

The residency programme is open to artists from any European country working in visual arts, performance, theatre, dance, or music. The application dossier should include: 1-page project description, including details on the chosen historical artwork and the proposed methodology of research; 20-line biography; portfolio of projects. Artists from Romania can submit these documents in Romanian language. The dossier should be sent to ip@institutulprezentului.ro by July 3, 2022.

Two proposals will be selected by the Institute of the Present team, and results will be announced by July 8, 2022. The residency organisers offer: Euro 1200 gross project fee (approx. Euro 1080 net fee), local/international travel (in the limit of Euro 300 per project) and 10-day accommodation and working space in Timișoara. The proposed working time in Timișoara is between 13–23 October 2022.  For more details on this residency call, please contact ip@institutulprezentului.ro.

IP—The Institute of the Present is a research and an artist and theory resource platform in the field of visual and performing culture conceived by Ștefania Ferchedău and Alina Șerban, established in Bucharest.

The “Uncensored Act” programme dwells on the idea of community, collective action, collaboration and solidarity in the spirit of shared values, with a course that is closely connected to the history of Timișoara in the 1989 revolution context.

The project is part of the “Cultural Programme Timișoara 2023—European Capital of Culture” and is funded by the City of Timișoara through the Center for Projects.

COLLEGIUM residency programme is organised in the frame of the projects “Uncensored Act” and “Collegium: artistic generations and collectives.” Cultural project co-funded by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund. Partner: FABER.

The project does not necessarily represent the standpoint of the Administration of the National Cultural Fund. AFCN cannot be held liable for the content of the project or the manner in which the outcomes of the project may be used. These shall devolve entirely on the beneficiary of the financing.

Photograph: Mădălina Dan performing Miriam Răducanu’s “Genesis,” 1969–1970, in the frame of the exhibition “24 Arguments. Early Encounters in Romanian Neo-Avant-Garde 1969–1971” on November 10, 2019 at the National Museum of Art of Romania. Works by Ion Bitzan and Ovidiu Maitec in the background.

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