If you got to this page it means you already know what projects the Institute of the Projects develops and you’d like to support us. Thank you! You can thus join those who offer their support for the continuation of our publishing projects—the P+4 Publications and the online platform institutulprezentului.ro.

Online donation by debit or credit card via Paypal platform (you don’t need a Paypal account). Through one click on one of the the buttons below you can choose the amount and donation type – singular sau recurrent/ monthly – and finalise the transaction. The card may be in any currency, the conversion is made by Paypal.

We also accept donations directly to our bank accounts. If you choose this method, please contact us for details at ip@institutulprezentului.ro.

Any amount is welcome. All supporters will receive regular announcements about what we do and what is new at IP. A donation can bring you a copy or more from our previous titles or from our stationary series accompanying the publications. Other rewards may include posters or postcards with IP identity elements, invitations to workshops or events held by the artists with whom the Institute of the Presents works.

Your donations contribute to the continuity of a transcultural research practice without which the online and printed content of the Institute would not exist. Research in our case means: interviews and discussions with invited artists and their close circle of family and friends/collaborators, reading time at the library and home, detective style investigations for the finding of materials hard to locate, buying books, a lot of circulation, meetings and discussions with many collaborators, research trips and a lot of communication with all the invited artists and authors. Many of these open working fronts and the time invested cannot be supported from any public funding received in Romania.

This is what the regular content production at the Institute of the Present encompasses, together with the development of the artist and theoretic resources platform and its opening towards the professional and the public:

– annual new titles in the P+4 Publications series and monthly Open House events in the frame of our working space and the initiative THIS IS NOT AND ARTSPACE.
– bi-annual exhibition programme based on the research projects undertaken by IP.
– annual program of workshops and lectures centred on (self)pedagogical practices and artistic concepts.
– regular publication of materials in the frame of the online platform www.institutulprezentului.ro.

What we learn we want to send farther, to be as accessible as possible, this is how we set ourselves to work.


Dan Perjovschi; Sanda & Constantin Flondor, Volker Diehl, Horaţiu Iovănaș & Asociaţia Eleon, Sorina și Andrei Jecza; Dan Burzo

Ion Grigorescu, Gregor Podnar; Constantin Flondor, Peter Jacobi, George Lecca, Alexandru Rus, Diet Sayler; Alex Axinte, Mădălina Dan, John Fairleigh, Veronica Kirchner, Sofia Mihăilescu & Cristi Borcan; Dan Burzo

2019 Parkour supporters
Anonymous @ Miss Read Berlin, Dan Burzo, Xandra Popescu

2018 Parkour supporters
Anonymous @ Offprint London / Looking Forward, Looking Back (October 17) / Situating Narratives (November 2-3), Andreea Belu, Juliet Bingham, Serioja Bocsok, Tania Bruguera, Dan Burzo (recurrent donor), Iolanda Costide, Andreea Duță, Art Encounters, Farid Fairuz, Daria Ghiu, Marian Ivan, Charles Janssens de Bisthoven, Puiu Lățea, Ioana Marchidan, Minitremu, Aurel Minulescu, Caterina Preda, Gemma Riggs, Silvia Rogozea, Oana Tănase.

2017 Parkour supporters
Anonimi, Ana Adam, Irinel Anghel, Bianca Băilă, Dan Burzo, Ionuț Cioană, Marian Cîțu, Adela Dragomir, Mirela Duculescu, Mihai Epure-Gorski, Simona Fit, Nicu Ilfoveanu, Vasile Leac, Anton Neagu, Diana Pătruț, Mara Rațiu, Jean-Lorin Sterian, Andrei Tănăsescu, Patricia Teodorescu, Smaranda Vultur.

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