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Donate for the “24 Arguments“ publication


Dear colleagues and lovers of the “24 Arguments” exhibition,

We are happy that you have been following the exhibition organised by the Institute of the Present at the National Art Museum of Romania.

The exhibition gathers over 2 years of research in a variety of archives, public and private collections and libraries from Romania and abroad, artists interviews, representing the first event realised as a direct manifestation of research, envisioned as part of a series of exhibition projects showcasing the arts and culture of the 1960-1970s.

We would like to present to the public a part of the rich material accumulated during this time, which, due to spatial constraints, could not become part of the exhibition. This is why we intend to produce a dedicated publication, which would extensively present the themes and the interests of the artists shown in the exhibition, but also ours.

To this end, we kindly request your support, as we need additional financial resources to make this publication happen. We encourage donations and sponsorships, and the funds collected in this way will be used to cover printing, reproduction, translation and editing costs.  We offer as awards, depending on the donation level, a selection from our publications and the future exhibition catalog.

We are aiming to raise approximately EUR 5000 for the printing costs, depending on the amount raised we shall be able to afford black-and-white or colour print. Target publication date is May 2020.

The donation can be sent by wire transfer or by card using the Donate button below. For transfer please contact us at ip@institutulprezentului.ro.

Thank you.

Pavel Ilie, Object, wicker, 1971. Twings (sculpture), wickers, 1971. Credit photo: Eugeniu Lupu.
Institutul Prezentului