The Institute of the Present (IP) continues in 2019 its Lecture Series Looking Forward, Looking Back. The 3rd event is dedicated to questions opened up by the recent historiographies of performance in Eastern European art, which are provoking a theoretical interrogation of the medium’s paradigms of interpretation. The two lectures plead for a contextualised re-reading of performance art in the region…


IP—The Institute of the Present introduces COLLEGIUM—a new layer of action within its educational programme centred on the artists’ engagement with pedagogy and other forms of reflection upon the process of working. With each edition conceived in the form of a week-long workshop for professionals from Romania and the countries of Eastern Europe, COLLEGIUM puts forward a knowledge-resource space, advocating for a confrontational field featuring a variety of practices of performance and visual arts…


IP—The Institute of the Present announces in the frame of its research strand the first Regional Meeting dedicated to the issue of history writing in Eastern European post-war art from the viewpoint of each local culture’s referential field. The two-day conference gathers recognized scholars and researchers in the region and beyond. The event is intended to take place biannually, addressing each time a specific topic.


The Institute of the Present (IP) continues in the frame of the project Atlas of Personal Accounts the series of lectures Looking Forward, Looking Back. Departing from a closer look on artists’ concern with historicisation, with reassesment of models and narratives in the history of art and culture, with exploration of the dialogical dimension of the past and subjective envision of the future, the project introduces innovative approaches to recent art practice and theory.


The Institute of the Present (IP) opens a series of workshops entitled The World According to…, a component of the Atlas of Personal Accounts. Within the framework of these workshops, artistic intention is a key term for investigating and reading the vocabulary of artistic practices generated in a specific cultural context. Each workshop follows a script, a choreography of personal archives, carefully organised together with each of the artists around a number of themes or key concepts.


The Institute of the Present (IP) launches the series of lectures Looking Forward, Looking Back. Centered on questions around (art) historical canons, artistic production, on the transfer, reception and circulation of contents, materials and ideas in a given cultural environment and geopolitical reality, the lectures aim at opening a discussion about the afterlife of histories and the role played by artists in reshaping our understanding of a possible future.



The Institute of the Present (IP) starts in 2017 its research and educational programme dedicated to the recording of artistic facts, events, objects and situations that have defined the history of visual and performing arts in Romania starting from the late 1960s until today, with the project Atlas of Personal Accounts.