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Summer Launch: Parkour new series, 2019


Parkour New Series: Summer Launch

Miriam Răducanu, Lucian Meţianu, Diet Sayler
Tuesday, July 30, 2019, 19:00
Modul Cărturești
Bucharest, 18-21 Academiei St.

The Institute of the Present launches at this end of July the new issues of the Parkour micro-publication series published in Romanian and English and dedicated to artists:

– Miriam Răducanu, “Chronicle of a Chamber Dance”, second edition, revised.
– Lucian Meţianu, “A Sound without a Past”.
– Diet Sayler, “For a Random Structuring of Space”.

The Parkour series introduces themes, concepts and seminal encounters for the activity of outstanding artists in the field of visual and performative arts in Romania, which enabled them to produce an unparalleled body of work. The series looks at a limited array of artistic projects and experiences, through the use of interview as an unmediated recording instrument. The interview‑format accommodates the reader with the particular spatial and material conditions of their practice, with the personal beliefs and the ongoing process of conceptualising their work. Parkour thereby distills significant aspects of the recent cultural history, bringing back to the fore the role of memory in capturing the kernel of an artistic time, of an artwork, of a conceptual turn.

The Parkour series is edited by Alina Șerban and Ștefania Ferchedău, the design is signed by Radu Manelici, and the production by Atelier Fabrik. Details about the Parkour issues from the Publications page.

Acknowledgments: Miriam and Cornel Răducanu, Lucian Meţianu, Octavian and Erica Nemescu, Diet Sayler, Anca Arghir, ERSTE Foundation. The editors thank Dan Burzo and all donors who support the activity of the Institute of the Present.

The Parkour 2019 series is published in the frame of the  “Atlas of Personal Accounts” project, supported by ERSTE Foundation.

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