Lia Perjovschi, born in 1961 in Sibiu, is the founder and coordinator of CAA/CAA—the Contemporary Art Archive/Center for Art Analysis, an infor‑ mal institution functioning under different names since 1985, and of KM—the Knowledge Museum, an interdisciplinary and educational project based on the research started by the artist in 1999 and continuing until today. Her activities and works—“International Archive for Contemporary Art 1990–today,” “The Center For Art Analysis 1999–today,” “Timeline 1997–today,” “Diagrams/Mind Maps 1999–today” and the “Knowledge Museum Project 1999–today”—define a series of registers in working with information, in organising the various materials collected and archived and in producing a visual representation of the basic knowledge. The journey of her artistic practice from her body (the performances of the 1980s–1990s) to the body of knowledge (CAA/CAA, KM) opens up a personal storyboard—a space of postproduction and dialogue, of rethinking, recycling information and structuring ideas.